The 9 at 9 Sunday

first_imgEVERY DAY, brings you nine things you need to know with your morning cup of coffee.1. #HUMAN REMAINS: Gardaí believe that the remains found in the Dublin Mountains on Friday night could be that of a woman or a young boy. A post-mortem examination is due to be carried out on the human skeletal remains today. [RTE]2. #REPOSSESSIONS: A deal has been struck between Allsop Space auctioneers and the Irish Mortgage Holder’s Association that will stop repossessed homes being sold.3. #PRIORY HALL: State Funding is likely to be part of any deal struck over Priory Hall, reports Pat Leahy and Fearghal O’Connor in The Sunday Business Post, which says that Minister Phil Hogan has asked the Banking Federation for some sort of debt forgiveness on mortgage arrears. [The Sunday Business Post]4. #LEICESTER: Five people are still being detained in connection to a fire that killed the wife and children of a Dublin-based neurosurgeon. Dr Muhammad Taufiq said he deeply misses his family.5. # POLL: Labour has hit a five-year low in opinion polls, with The Sunday Business Post/RedC poll published today shows they have dropped 2 per cent, down to 10 per cent.6. #LATE NIGHT: Government Chief Whip Paul Kehoe has told that Fine Gael could have lost up to 10 TDs over the abortion issue, adding that the 5am Dáil sitting was overshadowed by incidents like “lapgate”.7. #PENALTY POINTS: New rules introduced by the gardaí strictly prohibit officers from deleting penalty points for family and friends. [The Sunday Times]8. #MEXICO: More than 5,000 people have been evacuated on the Gulf of Mexico coast ahead of Hurricane Ingrid which already has winds of 120km/h. [BBC]9. #AFGHANISTAN: At least 27 miners have been killed in a collapse in northern province of Samangan. [BBC]last_img read more

Still no news on Mobility Allowance replacement

first_imgTHERE IS STILL no news on the replacement scheme for the Mobility Allowance, with the Disability Federation of Ireland saying people continue to be worried about the situation.The Department of Health had said in June that an interdepartmental group was to report to Government on the operation of the new scheme by October.It had also announced that the HSE was to temporarily pay an allowance to recipients of the Mobility Allowance in order to prevent hardship.The allowance is paid to people who have a disability and are unable to walk or use public transport, and are aged over 16 and under 66. The Mobility Allowance was means-tested.ReviewToday, the Department of Health told that in June last following a review and consultation the Government decided that new statutory provisions should be brought forward to provide individual payments to people with severe disabilities who require additional income to address the costs of their mobility needs.It said that the inter-departmental group, chaired by the Department of the Taoiseach, has been working to develop detailed proposals for the operation of a new statutory scheme for consideration by Government.People will continue to receive the temporary payments for a further period pending the commencement of new statutory provisions,”in the interests of preventing hardship, and, on an interim basis, alleviating stress, anxiety and uncertainty among a vulnerable group in society”, said the Department.However, there are still no details yet on what the new replacement scheme could be.The Disability Federation of Ireland said today:We are not unduly concerned as timelines often slip when Government Departments are delivering on commitments.  However, people and their families continue to be worried about the situation regarding the mobility allowance and the motorised transport grant, and this comes on top of other on-going concerns, for example, reviews of medical cards.In October 2012 it was announced that the Government was considering legal advice over the allowance, as the upper age limit on it had been declared illegal.In February 26, it was decided that the Mobility Allowance and the Motorised Transport Grant Schemes should be axed.The Government “is very conscious of the needs of people with a disability” and “has a clear policy to support, subject to the resources available to it, the independence of people with disabilities”, said the Department of Health.It added that all of these matters “will be taken into consideration when making a decision on future arrangements”.Read: HSE to temporarily pay mobility allowance to ‘prevent hardship’>last_img read more

Good news for Labour in new opinion poll FF and SF both

first_imgTHE LATEST POLITICAL opinion poll shows an increase in support for Labour, with backing for Fine Gael also holding steady.The Sunday Business Post/Red C survey shows Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore’s party on 12 per cent — a rise of three points on the last SBP poll four weeks ago.Fine Gael is on 29 per cent, showing no change from the last survey.On the opposition benches, Fianna Fáil is down by one point to 22 per cent, while Sinn Féin is also down: dropping two points to 15.Independents and others are on 22 per cent (no change).Meanwhile, more than half of those questioned said the Government had done a good job in leading the country out of the EU/IMF bailout.This weekend’s poll results will provide a political boost to Eamon Gilmore ahead of his party’s conference in Kerry next weekend.Labour support has been flagging recently: an Irish Times survey at the start of October put the junior coalition party on just 6 per cent, representing a 25-year low.Read: ‘It’s not a good poll’: Howlin reacts to Labour’s 25-year lowRead: Government “is satisfied” without Vatican embassylast_img read more

Column Climate report is a key test of Governments political reform

first_imgTHIS GOVERNMENT PROMISED a “democratic revolution”. And they have made tentative moves towards political reform.The bluntest – abolition of the Seanad – was rejected. The latest – reform of the FoI legislation – has run into difficulties over costs. And they’re just beginning to address the real challenge of Dáil reform. One of the first steps they have taken on that has now thrown up a real test of their seriousness.The Oireachtas environment committee last week produced a report recommending significant changes to the Government’s draft Climate Bill. Sending draft Bills to Committees for consideration and consultation with stakeholders before ministers and parties get entrenched in political positions is the key parliamentary innovation of this coalition. Ministers made much of it as the way to involve experts and civic groups in the legislative process.Climate changeThe environment committee took its role seriously. It considered over 40 written submissions, heard four full days of evidence from academics and interest groups, and hired Ireland’s leading climate scientist, Professor John Sweeney, to advise it.And now its report has proposed a series of changes to the Bill.The Stop Climate Chaos coalition of 28 overseas aid, environment, youth and faith groups had called the Government’s first draft of the Bill “too weak to work”. Having heard the evidence, the Committee has sought to address a number of those weaknesses.Advisory bodyThe most absurd was the fact the “expert advisory body” – proposed to advise Government and monitor progress – was stuffed with State officials and couldn’t even publish its own reports; it could only hand them over quietly to Government.Now, the Committee proposes that it should be modelled on the Fiscal Advisory Council, with independent members and proper monitoring and reporting powers. That in itself would contribute to political reform, enabling the Oireachtas to better hold the executive to account.Some of the recommended changes are simply good housekeeping.  Do your national action plan before your sectoral ones. So you don’t just get each department promising as little as possible. Do a new plan at least every five years, not every seven, which is just too long to enable political accountability.The most controversial aspect of the Government’s draft Bill was the absence of any target for emissions in 2050. This was welcomed by IBEC and the Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA), but described by Friends of the Earth as like a car without an engine: it might look nice but it won’t get you where you want to go. The 2050 target is what drives the rest of the policy process.TargetsThe majority of witnesses before the Oireachtas Committee supported a 2050 target. The Irish Corporate Leaders on Climate Change – a group that includes Diageo, Bord Gáis, Siemens and Vodafone – called for a “strategic goal” that would give greater certainty to investors.The Committee report came up short of recommending a specific numerical target. Their alternative is to incorporate into the Bill the objective the Minister for the Environment himself set out when he addressed the Committee. That is “near zero emissions from buildings, energy and transport and carbon neutrality for agriculture”. Carbon neutrality simply means that for every burping cow, there would be a new tree or some restored bog to absorb the pollution.IBEC and the IFA welcomed the Committee’s report, with IBEC commenting on its “inclusive” nature. Stop Climate Chaos welcomed the report overall, but expressed its disappointment at the lack of a clear numerical benchmark for progress.The key question now is what will the Government do? Minister Hogan has repeatedly described the central role this committee process has in shaping the climate Bill. Well, they have done what was asked of them and examined the draft closely in the light of evidence from stakeholders. Will the Government take on board their conclusions? That is a test of their commitment to political reform.The new law itself will also be a key contribution to political reform. Since Stop Climate Chaos first called for a climate law in 2007, politicians have often lamented that “nobody asks about climate change on the doorstep”.Acting nowOur answer is simple: nobody on the doorsteps was asking you about banking regulation in 2002, or even 2007, but they would have rewarded you if you had shown leadership on foot of the evidence of economic overheating and managed the risk by strengthening the regulatory framework before the crisis hit.Indeed, we see parallels between the causes of the financial crash and the causes of the climate crisis: poorly understood risk, a short-term focus on “business as usual”, and faith in “light-touch” regulation. We cannot afford to repeat those mistakes. If we let the climate crisis become a crash, there is no way back. As the slogan puts it “nature doesn’t do bailouts”.Stop Climate Chaos sees the Climate Bill as both a key element of “never again”, post-crash, political reform and a cornerstone of a genuinely sustainable, low-carbon, economic recovery.Oisín Coghlan is Director of Friends of the Earth and a member of the Steering Committee of Stop Climate Chaos. @OisinCoghlan. www.stopclimatechaos.ielast_img read more

HSE paid out over €255m on legal fees since 2005

first_imgTHE HEALTH SERVICE EXECUTIVE paid out over €46,735,000 on legal fees last year. This is an increase of more than €10 million on figures for 2011.In total, since 2005 the HSE has paid out more than €254,692,000 on legal fees.The HSE confirmed to that yearly legal spending figures are:2012 – €46,735m2011 – €35,966m2010 – €40,599m2009 – €44,574m2008 – €36,618mPreviously, it was revealed through a parliamentary question, the HSE’s bill for legal fees for 2007 amounted to €30.3 million, while it spent about €20 million in legal costs in both 2005 and 2006.The HSE’s annual legal bill had significantly reduced in recent years – down from a high of €45 million in 2009, however, the the legal costs for 2012 were at an all time high.The HSE stated that the figures for 2013 are not validated yet and will be published in the 2013 Annual Report and Financial Statements in 2014.Health budget in trouble Last week, it was estimated the HSE will need nearly €200 million in extra funding this year as a result of budget overruns.With the health budget in trouble, fighting medical negligence cases through the courts at the cost of millions of euros is something that organisations and politicians are saying should stop.Just last month, the parents of a young boy who suffered catastrophic brain injuries during birth was awarded a settlement of €8.5 million. However, Jean Gaffney and Thomas Hayes said it took them years of battling the HSE and the State Claims Agency to get a result and an apology.This month, the HSE also agreed a settlement of €790,000 with the family of Dhara Kivlehan who passed away after giving birth at Sligo General Hospital in September 2010, which was another lengthy court case.Deny and defendA conference in November on medical negligence said the health service could save millions if the traditional deny and defend policy was replaced.Speakers at the event said the traditional “deny and defend” method used by hospitals when accused of medical negligence was costing millions to the HSE and that both the States Claims Agency and the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) backed recommendations that a more open, honest and transparent system was needed.Speaking to, one of the key speakers, Dr Timothy McDonald, Professor of Anaesthesiology and Paediatrics at University of Illinois and Chief Safety and Risk Officer for Health Affairs for the University of Illinois, Chicago said that often patients and family of patients just want an apology after a mistake has been made and rarely do they want to be dragged through the courts system.He said since the hospital he worked in introduced a candour system they have saved tens of millions of dollars.Buried in legalitiesHe said: A candid approach leads to better learning for our nurses, doctors and surgeons and a quicker resolution can be achieved, one that is a lot more fair for the patient and will ensure that money does not get drained from the health service’s finances and buried into the legal system.The HSE said the bulk of its legal costs were incurred in relation to its childcare services, about 60-65 per cent. The HSE is legally obliged to go to the High Court whenever a court order is needed to take a child into care.The HSE added that the delivery of services by solicitors is done through a competitive tender process, which they said since its introduction in 2011 is “delivering better legal outcomes at a lower legal cost”. They stated:The implementation of this contracting model has reduced both the cost of and demand for solicitors services.The model for the delivery of legal services involves in excess of thirty law firms all of whom have been qualified by HSE to deliver services through four geographical panels – each panel representing a HSE Administrative Area.“The law firms on these panels will be used to delivers advice and services across a broad range of legal areas such as Child Care, Environmental Health, Mental Health, Disability etc reflecting the breath of services and activities of the HSE,” said the HSE.The legal firm of Arthur Cox manages the law panels and acts as the service manager for the contract. They are also tasked with responsibility of “providing HSE with all of its corporate legal advice”.Read: Transparency in medical negligence cases could save the health system millions>Read: Parents of Dylan Gaffney Hayes release statement about €8.5m HSE settlement>last_img read more

Environmental groups want to know if Flatley has a licence for that

first_imgA NUMBER OF Irish environmental groups have asked gardaí and the National Parks and Wildlife Service to find out whether Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley holds the necessary permit for the rhino horn recently stolen from his house.The horn, which is worth between €200,000 and €300,000 on the black market was stolen from the dancer’s Cork home during a burglary last week. It was cut off a rhino head that was mounted on the wall of the ‘Safari Room’ at the Castlehyde property.Anyone in possession of any parts of an endangered or protected species is required to have a permit or certificate of authorisation under the Convention on International trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the groups want to know if Flatley has this.In a statement today, they said wildlife crime is ranked third after drugs and arms trafficking globally.On 18 January 2014, the South African government revealed that a record 1004 rhinos were killed by poachers during 2013 across the country – the equivalent of nearly three animals a day.“Furthermore, as we enter a new year there appears to be no let up to the slaughter of these magnificent animals,” the groups said.In their letter to gardaí at Fermoy, the groups said they would also be grateful if they could be assured that any other specimens in Flatley’s ‘Safari Room’ at the house have the appropriate authorisation from the appropriate authority.Read: People are not impressed by Michael Flatley’s rhino horn>last_img read more

Old fashioned parents failing to encourage daughters to study science and tech

first_imgPARENTS WHO ARE lacking information and reinforced stereotypes are among the main reasons for the lack of women working on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) areas, according to a study.The research released by Accenture Ireland yesterday found that established perceptions about how suitable these ‘STEM’ jobs are for girls and the difficulty of these subjects at Leaving Cert level are “ultimately inhibiting young women from entering the sector”.Most of the respondents in the survey said parents were the key influencers in a student’s choice of Leaving Cert subjects and their career choice.However, results show that parents are “struggling to get to grips with the new world of work” and despite being aware of the importance of these areas, 68 per cent feel ‘moderately,’ ‘poorly’ or ‘very poorly’ equipped to advise their daughters on career choices in them.The survey found there is a commonly held view among parents, students and teachers that men are better suited to jobs in these areas than women.One in four teachers said that the active promotion of so-called ‘traditional’ girls’ career paths (such as nursing or teaching) contributes to the stereotype.The perceived difficulty of these subjects was another reason for female students to avoid them, with 91 per cent of teachers indicating that girls pick biology because they think it is the easiest science subject. 31 per cent of young women surveyed (age 18-23) studied higher maths but changed to lower level in the year before their Leaving Cert. Of those, 56 per cent said they did so as they believed they would not be able to accomplish the required work to earn a good grade at higher level.Almost a quarter of parents said that the Leaving Certificate is about getting the maximum points, and studying the subjects that will help achieve this goal.Commenting on the report yesterday, Minister for Training and Skills Ciaran Cannon said: The results and recommendations contained in this Accenture report should help us break down the perceived barriers to students taking up STEM subjects and will enable more young girls, as well as boys, to be confident in choosing the STEM subjects in their post-primary education, thus giving them the foundation and the option of following a rich, exciting and varied career in the STEM areas.Minister Sean Sherlock recently established a STEM Education Review Group and Cannon said the research emanating from this report will form part of the review process.Read: New sex education course on the way for reformed junior cycle>Read: Fee-paying students more likely to go straight to college>last_img read more

Belgian court rejects child rapist Dutrouxs request for early release

first_imgA BELGIAN COURT has rejected a request by notorious child sex killer Marc Dutroux for early release from prison, bringing relief to the families of his victims.Belgium’s “most hated man” wanted to serve out the rest of his sentence under electronic surveillance, after being jailed for life in 2004 for the kidnap and rape between June 1995 and August 1996 of six young and teenage girls, four of whom died.Dutroux’s request had horrified Belgium, reviving painful memories of its worst criminal case which put paedophilia firmly on the map, to the country’s evident shame and deep unease.“There are no grounds on which to base a [release] under surveillance by electronic bracelet,” the court said, citing the “absence of any prospect that Dutroux” could be reintegrated into society.Earlier this month Dutroux, 56, had asked a special court that he be released and placed under house arrest with an electronic tag to keep track of his movements.The court reviewed psychiatric, prison and judicial reports about the former electrician who had claimed that he could find work as either a plumber or floor-layer.The reports said this was not a realistic possibility, adding that where he would live was uncertain while there was also a risk that he might commit fresh crimes or harass his victims or their families.The court said the key issue was that Dutroux had not made clear where “he planned to go, nor how he would find a place to live” and on that basis alone, the request was rejected.His mother, who no longer has any contact with her son, insisted that he should not be released at any cost.“I have not the slightest desire to see him free. He is a recidivist at heart and has proved that all his life,” she told Le Soir Magazine in an interview.“Marc is not ready to be freed because he still wants to make other people take responsibility for his actions. I am certain that he would start over again. He has no sense of reality,” she said.Dutroux had even said “that he was going to kill her and his father, so as to get his inheritance quicker”, she added.Victims ‘relieved’ at decisionThe lawyer for one of the families whose lives were blighted by Dutroux said the outcome meant there was practically no chance now that he would be released “at least in the next few years.”“I am relieved at the outcome,” said a father of one of Dutroux’s victims.Dutroux’s approach to the courts followed a successful appeal in August by his wife and accomplice, Michelle Martin, whose release from prison to a convent in central Belgium caused an uproar.The 52-year-old former schoolteacher, who herself is mother of three of Dutroux’s own children, was granted release on parole after serving barely half of a 30-year sentence.Martin was found guilty of helping Dutroux hold his victims prisoner and of complicity in the deaths of two eight-year-olds, found starved to death in a locked cellar.Dutroux was arrested in August 1996 after a 14-year-old went missing. She was found alive two days later along with a girl of 12, cowering in the basement of one of his homes.The case then took a gruesome turn when the bodies of the two eight-year-olds were found buried in the garden of his main residence. Less than a month later, the bodies of two more girls were found in another property owned by Dutroux.Public shock turned to fury when it emerged not only that police had missed a string of clues but that Dutroux had been released from jail in 1992 after serving just three years of a 13-year sentence for the abduction and rape of five girls.- © AFP, 2013Read: Belgium vows to toughen parole after Dutroux ex-wife outcrylast_img read more

The 5 at 5 Monday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1. #CROKE PARK: The government and trade unions representing public sector workers have concluded the first steps on extending the terms of the Croke Park Agreement. A proposal for a deal to cut €1 billion from the public pay bill was finalised just after 11am this morning. The full menu of changes includes pay cuts for high earners, an increase in working hours and a reduction in overtime rates.2. #ROADS: Over 100 people have been rescued from the Wicklow mountains in the last five days due to bad road conditions. The Glen of Imaal rescue team are calling for the council to erect warning signs and to find a way of alerting motorists when roads are impassable.3. #CATHERINE GOWING: Clive Sharp has received a life sentence for the murder of Irish woman Catherine Gowing. Although a mountain of evidence was presented to the court, the woman’s body has never been fully recovered. Speaking today after the sentencing, Gowing’s sister Emma said the decision today means our world is a safer place.4. #BLIND SAFETY: Police in Nothern Ireland are investigating the death of a three-year-old boy who died after becoming tangled in a blind cord over the weekend. There are no exact figures for Ireland, but it is believed around three children have died as a result of blind cord asphyxiation over the last four years.5. #JOBSWATCH: Centra is to create 400 jobs this year with the opening of 20 new stores and the extension of existing stores. Meanwhile, Minister Phil Hogan has said that Ireland’s new water metering system will also create around 400 jobs for people from small, local businesses, the long term unemployed and graduates.last_img read more

Restoration of discretionary medical cards welcomed but questions still remain

first_imgCAMPAIGNERS WHO HAVE been calling for discretionary medical cards to be returned to families who had them removed have welcomed today’s announcement that over 15,000 cards are to be reinstated.Today it was announced that thousands of discretionary cards would be restored to those who have a serious medical condition.Time periodThe decision will cover the period from 1 July 2011 to 31 May 2014 and will see the HSE write to those who lost their cards during that period to say their eligibility is being reinstated.While welcoming the announcement, the Our Children’s Health group state that 22,000 discretionary cards were withdrawn over the intervening period.“The remaining 7,000 refer to people who may not have engaged fully with the review process for whatever reason, due to the severity of an illness, stress etc,” they said.The group said they are concerned that a substantial number of seriously ill children will remain without a medical card, despite today’s announcement.Seriously ill “It is inappropriate for those that are seriously ill to have to plead their case. The onus should be on the HSE to identify such cases and make first contact. Further, the language used is extraordinary, consistent with the ‘poor house’ type rhetoric that runs right though the 1970 Act itself,” they said.The group said they are continuing in their appeal to both Minister for Health James Reilly and the HSE to introduce temporary measures that will “immediately improve the application process for new applicants and accommodate those children living with serious illness or congenital conditions. We will be making a further submission in that regard”.Jonathan Irwin of the Jack and Jill Foundation said today’s announcement was the “right decision”.He said he had a number of questions surrounding new cases.“And what about the parents who didn’t bother to apply for a medical card for their sick child as the family were outside the means threshold?  Can we assume that if they apply now they will be met with a more positive response?” he asked.“Yes, we seem to be heading in the right direction on medical cards, but we must ensure that the political will prevails to see this through,” he said.Read: ‘I’m very sorry’: Enda Kenny apologies over medical card ‘stress’>Read: Over 15,000 people are being given back their medical cards>last_img read more

Kerry hit the net three times to defeat Cork and win Munster

first_img Source: Kerry GAA/Twitter kerry junior winners— Kerry GAA (@Kerry_Official) July 2, 2014 Gavan O’Grady was amongst Kerry’s goalscorers tonight. Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHOKerry 3-14Cork 0-13KERRY HIT THE net three times en route to claiming a ten-point victory over Cork in tonight’s Munster junior football final at Austin Stack Park in Tralee.With the counties set to clash in next Sunday’s provincial senior and minor football deciders, Kerry began the week on a winning note with tonight’s success.Kerry were in front by 2-8 to 0-5 at the interval having been backed by the wind in the opening period. An early goal from Brian Crowley gave them a perfect start and then team captain Thomas Hickey – a Kerry U21 this year – from Castleisland Desmonds bagged their second goal.Points by Anthony O’Connor in the first-half and Paul Condon after the break helped Cork cut the gap to six points, 2-11 to 0-11, entering the final quarter.But Kerry powered clear in the finale with Gavan O’Grady notching a brace of points and Sean Moloney firing over another before O’Grady sealed Kerry’s win by registering their third goal of the game when he converted from the penalty spot.center_img KERRY1. Shane Murphy (Kilcummin)2. Shane Lynch (Spa)3. Kevin O’Dwyer (Waterville)4. Danny Wrenn (Tarbert)5. Greg Gibson (Waterville)6. Denis Daly (St Mary’s)7. Gavin Crowley (Templenoe)8. Andrew Garnett (Spa)9. Brendan O’Sullivan (Valentia)10. Brian Crowley (Templenoe)11. Ciaran Keating (Skellig Rangers)12. Philip O’Connor (Cordal)13. Gavan O’Grady (Glenbeigh-Glencar)14. Paul Kennelly (Ballydonoghue)15. Thomas Hickey (Castleisland Desmonds)CORK1. Patrick Kirby (Tadgh MacCarthaigh)2. Jeffrey Daly (Fermoy)3. John McLoughlin (Kanturk – Captain)4. Mathew O’Shea (Glengarrif)5. Niall McCarthy (Kinsale)6. Fionn O’ Shea (Clyda Rovers)7. Brendan Withers (Lyre)8. Michael Dineen (Castlehaven)9. James Kind (Passage)10. John Dineen (Eire Og)11. Conor Flanagan (Clyda Rovers)12. Mark Sugrue (Bandon)13. Seamus Hickey (Rockchapel)14. Paul Condon (Mayfield)15. Anthony O’ Connor (Knocknagree)Walsh, Cadogan and Cahalane back in Cork football team to face KerryCork and Kerry have named their Munster minor final sides and there are changes aplentylast_img read more

5 Irish footballers who need to move clubs before the summer transfer

first_imgUpdated at 13.481. Kevin DoyleKEVIN DOYLE WOULD have hoped that QPR manager Harry Redknapp would rescue him from Wolves, but that doesn’t appear likely to happen at the moment, despite the striker spending part of last season on loan at Loftus Road during the club’s ultimately successful promotion bid.Wolves boss Kenny Jackett recently told reporters that there had been “no contact” from the Premier League club in relation to Doyle, who last year also saw a proposed transfer window move to Celtic fall through at the last minute.The player is currently not in the manager’s pre-season plans, and has consequently been forced to train with the so-called bomb squad.While Jackett has not completely ruled out the prospect of Doyle returning to the Wolves first team, a move would appear to be preferable for both parties, as Doyle surely needs to be playing first-team football at the very least to have any chance of featuring in Ireland’s upcoming European Championship qualifiers.2. Shane DuffyOne of the more contentious selections on this list, Duffy has featured for Everton in pre-season and enhanced his reputation while playing with Yeovil in the Championship this summer.He has indicated in interviews that he is keen to stay and fight for his place at Everton, but at 22, Duffy is at the point in his career where he needs to be playing regular first-team football.He did not look out of place in his admittedly brief cameo for Ireland during the summer, but realistically, with John Stones, Phil Jagielka, Sylvain Distin and Antolín Alcaraz all seemingly ahead of him in the pecking order, it appears highly unlikely that he’ll be getting much competitive game time with Everton at senior level any time soon, and so should probably look for it elsewhere.3. Wes Hoolahan Source: Chris Radburn(Wes Hoolahan experienced a disappointing season last year as Norwich were relegated)Hoolahan has been linked with moves to Aston Villa and Premier League new boys Leicester City in recent days, having been denied a move to the former during last January’s transfer window, after Norwich refused to sell him to a rival.The midfielder has been a significant part of Norwich’s pre-season preparations, indicating that the club are happy to keep hold of the 32-year-old star if possible.However, if the former Shels man continues to impress in the coming weeks as he did against Bastia, and in Ireland’s summer friendlies, he may make a swifter-than-expected return to the Premier League, particularly with Roy Keane now assistant boss at Villa.4. Ian LawlorAt 19, Lawlor can probably afford to spend a few more years at least attempting to break into the City team.Nevertheless, having made some progress last year, earning a place in Man City’s Champions League squad, in addition to being called up to the Ireland squad for their end-of-season friendlies, the Dubliner will be eager to sustain his progress over the next 12 months.Man City’s signing of experienced Argentinian stopper Willy Caballero earlier this summer suggests that the club don’t yet have sufficient faith in Lawlor even to allow him to serve as Joe Hart’s deputy. Consequently, given the strides he made last season, now would seem like the appropriate time to go out on loan and attempt a Thibaut Courtois-esque impact elsewhere.5. Stephen WardOstracised at Wolves along with Doyle, as one of Ireland’s few options at left-back, Martin O’Neill will surely keep his fingers crossed that Ward does ultimately find a new club.Ward’s prospects do at least appear better than that of his Irish teammate, with Brighton actually getting in touch with his parent club over the summer, though the arrival of new manager Sami Hyppia means there remains uncertainty as to whether or not the club will retain the player’s services after he enjoyed a successful loan spell with them last year.And if it ultimately doesn’t work out, Ward at least has one other potential option, with Middlesbrough also believed to be interested in the 28-year-old.Which Irish player would you like to see move clubs this summer?Arsenal’s Wilshere regrets new smoking mistake>Cristiano Ronaldo denies reports of link-up with US rapper Lil Wayne>last_img read more

Gmail now allows you to record incoming calls

first_imgGoogle has just unveiled the newest feature to their popular GMail service’s voice calling capabilities: the ability to easily record incoming calls. It’s a nifty feature, but it could end up proving to be a hot issue not just for privacy advocates, but also possibly with federal authorities enforcing call recording laws.The new feature was silently rolled out sometime over the weekend, and it works as easily as you’d expect. While it was possible to record calls through GMail before, the new feature allows you to just click a button and do it all locally, with no additional software required. AdChoices广告Google has yet to officially announce the feature, but it’s popping up in our GMail account, so it’s probably in yours too. It’ll be interesting to see the ramifications of this play out. Most state laws say it’s illegal to record a call unless the party on the other end has been informed that they are being recorded, but usually that just prevents the recording from being used as evidence in court. By making the feature only available for incoming calls, Google seems to be trying to avoid any accusation that they are allowing their users to use the feature to entrap others. Even if that’s successful, though, it makes having intimate conversations on Gmail calling harder, since you can’t quite be sure that your words won’t be used for some other purpose: a stray comment about a friend or family member could well end up in their inbox.Still, as a journalist, I welcome this new feature, if only because VoIP call recording is probably the simplest way of conducting and transcribing interviews. If Gmail ever brings this feature to initiated calls, I might have a reason to finally switch from Skype for my interviewing.Read more at Techcrunchlast_img read more

LG Gtablet spotted in a pop video

first_imgMore details of the rumored LG G-Slate have been uncovered by Engadget and its from an unlikely source. The tablet has been spotted making a sneaky cameo appearance in K-Pop star Seungri’s latest music vid.From viewing the vid (0.53 and 1.52 timeframe) and from speaking to their source they believe that the G-Slate will feature 3D technology.They may be right as well because this ties into an earlier post today about the new Tegra 2 mobile CPU which features 3D output technology as part of its update. More specifically, this will allow the LG tablet to support dual cameras at the back for shooting stereoscopic 3D and its large display may allow you to watch 3D content without glasses.Read more at Engadgetlast_img read more

Princeton Engineers Create Laser From Air

first_imgIn the “so-futuristic-it-hurts” category, Princeton engineers have come up with a way to create a laser beam out of thin air. Their method, published in the journal geek-cetera yesterday, uses a focused laser pulse which causes another beam to be created from the air, carrying fingerprints of any molecules it encounters to a receiver. The effect comes from the first laser energizing oxygen atoms in a specific area and, as they cool, causing them to release infrared light, exciting more atoms and amplifying the process. Besides the cool factor that comes with being able to create a laser beam out of nothing but surrounding atmosphere, the device is a very effective way of detecting contaminants, like bombs or hazardous gasses, research group leader Richard Miles said in this article on According to the story, the group envisions a device small enough that it could be mounted on a tank and used to search a roadway for bombs, making it not just cool as a gadget, but also a potential life saver for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. [via]AdChoices广告last_img read more

New York City Intros Android iPhone Condom App

first_imgAccording to a recent study, your smartphone doesn’t make you quite as sexy as you might think. That said, if you are managing to get some, in spite of the overwhelming odds, as Steve Jobs would tell you, you’ll really get a better reception if you get a rubber bumper.The New York City Health Department is celebrating Valentine’s week with the release of its New York City Condom Finder, a free app that will locate the five spots nearest to your location that offer up free jimmy hats (within the five boroughs).Says NYC’s assistant health commissioner, Dr. Minoca Sweeney, “We want New York City to be the safest city in the world to have sex. A lot of people come here for that, so we want them to practice safer sex.”The app is available now for the iPhone and Android.last_img read more

Mark Zuckberg The Action Figure

first_imgHe looks really familiar, doesn’t he? I know I’ve seen him somewhere before. Maybe he’s just got one of those faces. I’m sure M.I.C. wouldn’t steal someone’s likeness for their “Poking Inventor” action figure. That would be wrong. Especially after the Chinese company was on the wrong side of an Apple lawsuit after offering the world a Steve Jobs action figure.The sweatshirted/Adidas flipflopped figure comes with “Poke” and “Like” signs and a familiar little “F” logo that sits on the base. Like the Jobs figure, Poking Inventor also ships with a number of blank speech bubbles, so you can put words in his billion dollar mouth.The figure runs $69.90, “while supplies last,” which almost certainly means, “until someone tips off Facebook’s lawyers.”last_img read more

Space shuttle Endeavour launch delayed until at least May 8

first_imgMany people left Kennedy Space Center disappointed this weekend after the final launch of the Shuttle Endeavour was scrubbed for at least one more week. Originally planned for Friday, April 29, the launch was delayed due to electrical problems, but there was a chance the problems would be fixed in time for a Monday launch. NASA reported Sunday that the problem would take at least another week, and the launch would not be set for at least May 8.The matter at hand is a failure in one of the shuttle’s two heaters–basically, one of the heaters was just not working. The power wasn’t getting to the heater due to an issue in one of the auxiliary power units which gives power to the orbiter’s hydraulic system. There are two heaters for each fuel line, but NASA, for good reason, didn’t want to send the shuttle up with only one working in case the second failed during its mission. NASA said if the other one stopped working during flight it would run a very high risk of freezing the fuel in the line, which would then cause the auxiliary power unit to stop working. Then, you wouldn’t have full hydraulic power, which is bad news for re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.AdChoices广告The crew plans to remove the defective part, which will take a few days to get done with the testing that goes along with the job. After a new box is installed, the team then has to make sure it’s working correctly, which is another two days of work, at least.The six astronauts scheduled to man the launch have all flown back to Houston where they’ll continue training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.NASA released a video explaining the problem in detail from its launch director Mike Leinbach, which you can see below.More info at NASAlast_img read more

Deus Ex Human Revolution will support up to five monitors

first_imgWorking with a computer that has two monitors is so 2005… with AMD’s Eyefinity, you can pop in a single video card and connect up to five displays to a single computer. And now, if you have the right video card, you can also play Deus Ex: Human Revolution on all five of those monitors. That is, when the game is released in August.Square Enix, the development company behind the game, let word fly this week that the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will have full DirectX 11 support, 3D support, and will work with AMD Eyefinity.That means that gamers with high end multi-core systems and brand new DX11 graphics cards will be able to make use of all of that hardware and really experience the game. Even without DirectX 11, gamers who have dual or quad-core processors on their computers will be able to leverage them for higher framerates and faster overall game performance.The real winners though are gamers with AMD graphics cards that support Eyefinity, or AMD’s next generation multi-display technology. Since the game fully supports Eyefinity, you can connect up to five monitors as your card can support to your system and the game will expand the field of view spread out across all of them. Developers went to great lengths to make sure they weren’t just tacking on the features to have a checkbox to mark on the packaging: the video here shows that you really can play the game with at least three displays and interact with and see objects on all of them.Eyefinity really shines in games that can benefit from a broader field of view, like racing games and simulations. Not many first-person shooters have gone down this road, but if the video is to be believed, the end product will be impressive to see. If you have a graphics card that supports Eyefinity, you may get more than you anticipated when Deus Ex: Human Revolution when it hits store shelves this August.via PC Gamer via Kotakulast_img read more

Tip Dont steal a laptop that belongs to an exFBI Secret Service

first_imgEighteen-year-old Soheil Khalilfar probably thought he had struck the jackpot when he ransacked a flat in West Kensington during the recent London riots and walked away with a 13-inch MacBook Pro. What he didn’t know was who he was stealing from, and that made all the difference in this case.It turns out that Kalilfar stole the laptop of 29-year-old Greg Martin, an information security professional from Texas. Martin’s resume is strong, showing that he’s been employed as a technical adviser to the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, and NASA. We’re guessing if Kalilfar knew that in advance, he would have moved on to the next flat.Martin returned to his flat during the riots to find his apartment had been looted. He called the police who dusted for prints… like in the 1980s. Then, Martin remembered that he had installed a software tracker called Prey in case this very situation ever happened. The free program lets you monitor your computer if it’s stolen. It will secretly activate the computer’s webcam and take screen shots of everything once the computer goes online. It also gathers information about any network the computer is connected to, as well as any geographic data.Though there were no results immediately, two days later, to Martin’s surprise, an email showed up in on his phone alerting him that Khalilfar had turned on the laptop and hopped on the web. Even though Martin had secured his laptop by password protecting it and encrypting the hard drive, the thief was able to create a new admin account.After a few hours of surveillance, Martin waited for him to login to his Gmail or Facebook so he could find out the thief’s name. What 18-year-old can avoid the lure of Facebook for that long? Khalilfar soon logged into Facebook, revealing his name and information to Martin. Using the Mac’s camera, Martin was able to decipher where the thief was from the surrounding buildings.Martin gave the information to the police, and after they obtained a warrant to arrest Khalilfar, Martin alerted the cops when Khalilfar booted up the computer at home. Martin got his laptop back, and Khalilfar pleaded guilty in the West London Magistrate’s court to receiving stolen goods.Of all the computers to steal in London, this was obviously the wrong one.Find out how to secure your laptop with Prey.via Wall Street Journallast_img read more