Pedrerol claims that Barça are ahead of Real Madrid in race for Neymar

first_img The presenter said this on Neymar and his wish to return to LaLiga. “That’s his big dream. Everybody wants Neymar, including Madrid fans. They’ve forgiven him for getting a tattoo of his Champions League victory on his leg. The latest news is Barça are closer than ever to signing Ney. And with that, I have various questions. Do Barça need Neymar? Is it a good idea to buy him for €100m with Coutinho going the other way? Should Madrid get in a bidding war for Neymar? Do you need to pay him €38m per season? It is too risky of a deal? Do you want to know my opinion on Neymar? If I was the president of a club, I wouldn’t sign him. But, luckily, I’m not. Luckily, I’m a supporter and not a president of a club. And, as a supporter, I’d bring Neymar in tomorrow.” It feels like it goes from Real Madrid being the favourite to FC Barcelona leading the race with each passing hour. However, Pedrerol has claimed that Barça are in a strong position to land Neymar as PSG are willing to accept Coutinho in part exchange. The lawyer who deposited the €222m which took the Brazilian from Barça to PSG has been spotted in Barcelona today. Pedrerol desvela quién gana entre Real Madrid y Barça por el fichaje de Neymar CEST Juan Linares (@Jlinares91) IN SPORT.ES After a long break from presenting his popular daytime football show, Josep Pedrerol has returned to ‘Jugones’. And he didn’t return emptyhanded. No, he has revealled what the current situation is involving Neymar Junior and his desire to come back to Spain. 12/08/2019 Upd. at 17:18 last_img

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